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25 thoughts on “Comments

  1. Thank you for your comment Rex, I welcome constructive ideas regarding the website always. Are there any particular ones you have in mind?


  2. Hello. I have checked out your site over the last year or so and applaud your efforts, We will join when we move to Taupo.
    PS an update on some of the pics is needed


  3. Would like to really thank Dot for the wonderful job she does with the website. Thumbs up to her from all of us. Shirley

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  4. Great AGM on Tuesday with some interesting facts from Grant Sidaway. I am sorry to be stepping down after 10+ years but I am sure Dot will do a sterling job as my replacement .Many thanks everybody..

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  5. iPad workshop on Monday 6th of Feb. You learn something new everyday when you are using it. Have downloaded Kindle and reading a really good book at the moment. Just learned how to shut off the programs the other day(that’s what uses up the battery I am told). Read a whole lot of guff about the battery and its care a while ago. Onward!


  6. I’m sure that I am only one of many who were given iPads for Christmas. After the initial fright is over, they sure are fun and its fun learning how to drive it. I have so far been brave enough to download Skype (an entirely new “look”, some games and of course iBooks and Kindle. Here we go getting nothing done around here ! We will have to look at offering tips to those who are having difficulties. And thanks so much to Dot for helping me sort out initial problems with my Wi-fi. Happy computing all!


  7. Happy New Year everyone. I was given a Kindle e-book for Christmas but no instructions.
    Can anybody offer me some help?. Marie


  8. Well done Dot….clear, concise and most informative. Thanks for your time and effort in making this blog a “one stop shop” for SeniorNet members.


  9. Dot the changes you have made to the website are fantastic, its informative, entertaining and keeps us up to date with OUR club. I just hope that other people will take advantage of it and see what a wonderful thing it is. Congratulations.


  10. Many thanks for your positive comments! If you have any constructive ideas for the site that you would like to propose, please let me know and I’ll consider all suggestions.


  11. Yes it is fantastic news!!
    As a past committee member/tutor. I say congratulations.
    Now I can keep up with all your news.

    Jean Blenkinsopp


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